new 10.5 datapump export perplexing me

new 10.5 datapump export perplexing me

Hi folks,

Not sure about the new datapump export tool.

Regardless of the new interface, whenever I click the green arrow to go, I
receive back a toad message:

Your license does not permit executing “Data Pump Export.”

Am I missing some small detail about the new tool?



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Think data pump requires toad dba option

Or Professional edition, but that screen shouldn’t even be available even
if the license isn’t correct…

If you do Help > About, do you see the words ‘Professional’,
‘Xpert’ or ‘DB Admin module’?

Data Pump is an Oracle Product. Toad’s Data Pump wizard just makes it
easier to use. Is it possible that Data Pump is an extra charge product from
Oracle? That might make sense with the message. The other possibility is that
when install toad it throws up a screen that asks if you have the license for
certain Oracle products. Is it possible that Data Pump was on that list and you
did not tick it off. NOTE toad does not check your license so if you says yes
that you are licensed and you use the product without a license then you boss
might get arrested.

Data Pump is included in all versions of Oracle (standard, enterprise). Only
certain features like advance compression need additional licensing.

The issue is you need Toad DB Admin module to use the wizard.

I guess the message should be a little more specific and probably say

Your Toad license does not permit executing “Data Pump Export.” You
need the DB Admin Module License to execute this.



Wonder why the use of the datapump tool has been revoked from 10.1 to 10.5? I have Xpert edition with sql optimizer add-on, and get the same problem on 10.5.

I use this quite a lot and this will probably a good enough reason for me to stick with 10.1.

What a pity…

I suggest you contact customer support. They can deal with licensing issues
better then we can. If you’re paying for Xpert edition, you should have
this functionality

Quest support have said that the datapump export should only be available with the dba add-on.

The reason it was available in 10.1 is apparently a ‘glitch’!

Ugh. They are wrong. Data Pump should be available for any version other than
“Standard”. Is it possible for you to send me your key off-line?
I’m a Quest employee. I’ll also try to look up your case

Hi geigerweb,

Can you send me the case id for the case you mentioned below? I can have someone
contact you to discuss this further.

Christian Tan

I guess Quest Support were wrong in their diagnosis, as this is fixed in the 10.5.1 patch that is now available. Datapump export/import works fine without the dba admin module.

yes, the license error on Data Pump was the principal reason for the patch