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New Connection Error: Error reading StatusBar.Left with different errors

TOAD for Oracle

I’m getting errors when selecting Session, New Connection from the menu. This also happens when TOAD starts with the “Show Login Window” option turned on. The new connection window doesn’t appear and I’m unable to open a new connection. I’m running TOAD on a Remote Desktop Connection on a Windows 2003 Server. I’m the only one getting the error out of about 10 of us who run TOAD on this box.

I’ve looked up the solution at I hadn’t customized my Windows environment settings, but did change the Active Title Bar settings as instructed in the solution to see whether that would make a difference. It didn’t help.

As suggested on I deleted the “11.0” folder in \Documents and Settings\MyUserId\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\ to clear out all my settings. That didn’t help.

Here are the errors I’m getting. I’m attaching the details as well.

Error reading StatusBar.Left: Out of system resources.
Error reading StatusBar.Left:_The parameter is incorrect.
Error reading StatusBar.Left:_The system cannot find the file specified.

It doesn’t seem to make any difference whether I’m the only user on the server or whether there are a number of us on. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I have other programs running. As a work around I can use Session / Connect to connect to a database I’ve previously connected to, but I’d like this resolved. It’s now happening every time I start TOAD or go to open a new connection. I don’t know what change caused it to start happening.

Does anyone have a solution?


Toad.elf.log (301 KB)

Hi Philip R,
Did you ever find a solution, I am experiencing the same issue and the upgrade versin on Toad is not company approved.


Nick P

Forums across the internet suggests several options to resolve this issue (like changing the active window title height to 18+ , removing the “Toad for Oracle” folder from AppData, etc.); however all of them are futile and will not work (at least it didn’t for me). The simple solution is to use the Session -> Connect menu option, and if you do that, TOAD will not throw this weird error message. I remember reading somewhere that this is a known bug and addressed in TOAD ver 12.0 onwards.

You must have noticed that the connections that were opened in the past are listed under the Session -> Connect menu. Actually TOAD stores these settings in the “C:\Users[USER_NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\11.0\User Files” folder. If you browse this folder you will find three key files:




The Connections listed in the Session -> Connect menu is retrieved from the CONNECTIOINS.INI file, and in case you have choose to save the password; the encrypted password is stored in the CONNECTIONPWDS.INI. In case, you don’t have a connection saved in the list, you can make an entry in the CONNECTIOINS.INI and in the CONNECTIONACTIONS.INI file using the same structure used for all other saved connection entries. Don’t bother to put the password in the CONNECTIONPWDS.INI; as in case TOAD won’t find one, it will prompt you to enter. Remember, while making an entry in the CONNECTIOINS.INI, make sure to choose the “LOGIN” and “RelativePosition” position values such that it’s not assigned to any other saved connection. Also note that, you must have the “Server” entry available in your tnsnames.ora, in case you wish to connect the DB using TNS protocol. Just by having this entry will not allow the new connection to be reflected in the “Session -> Connect” menu, in case it has already crossed the maximum number of “quick connect” options. You need to alter the Toolbars/Menu options by opening “Toad Options” from View menu. For instance, change it to a larger value so that all connections available in the CONNECTIONS.INI are listed there.

Hope this helps.

I don’t know the person behind the moniker, ayanmitra, but as a new member and one of your first posts, you’re leading by example in what we are always hoping these forums become better at - users helping users.


If I understood correctly you are using one Toad license and use it through many users (like in fact multiple installation, which is emulated through TS)?
If so, I’m asking people from Dell:

  1. is that allowed combination?
  2. if this is really not allowed (as I suppose it is), would it be in the future somehow disabled ?

Damir Vadas

Dell has many Toad customers who are doing desktop and/or app virtualization. So these customers need a way to do exactly that - run Toad from one spot for many users. We sell them licenses to accommodate those special needs. So if customer has say Citrix or setup like this post - then customer must buy a license per concurrent user. Many customers often just buy an enterprise license (ELA) when deploying Toad this way so as to avoid any potential license violations.


THX for clarifying this issue. Very helpful.

According that, what would be recommended TS specification (memory, RAM, CPU) for let’s say 10 concurrent users. All shall be on Windows 2008/2008R" x64 server.


Damir Vadas

That’s outside my comfort zone - I’m hoping our QA manager or some other Toad World participant has some idea.