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New Feature Request Related to Rebuilt Table

@JohnDorlon - This is a thought I had assuming many other are in the same boat I am where the System DBAs do not grant some core privs to us mere Application DBAs (with good reason, LOL).

Would it be possible to add a setting/option/permission check (just the 3 way to implement it that first occurred to me) where the user can signify if they have want to exclude (or more likely do not have permission to execute) the "ALTER TABLESPACE {Tablespace Name} COALESCE;" command always in the generated Rebuild scripts. Our system DBAs do not grant that that level of access to DB developers, so I either have to copy the generated script to an editor window and comment that out, run the scrip, close the script window, then go back an close the Rebuild window. It would be nice if there was either a setting or when running the Rebuild Table there was an Option or a check done to see if the user has the required privs to execute "Alter Tablespace" and comment out that command in the script if 1 the user set a setting to not include the statement, or 2 the user set/unset an Option when running Rebuild Table to not include the statement, or 3 TOAD checked the current Users permission and determiner it could not execute the statement.

Let me know if you have any questions about my request.

Sure, I'll do a privilege check. I prefer to avoid another option if possible.
By the way, if you check the option to keep the old table, then the coalesce command is excluded.

And really....this isn't even necessary with locally managed tablespaces. So I'll leave it out for those too.

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