newb to toad, quick question.

I get this error in Toad sometimes when executing a query or selecting the “Explain Plan” tab…

ERROR [53090] [IBM][DB2/AIX64] SQL0873N Objects encoded with different encoding schemes cannot be referenced in the same SQL statement. SQLSTATE=53090

I’ve changed the character encoding in the editor section to no avail… what am i missing

thanks in advance!

Toad has run into issues with DB2 LUW environments where the DB2_IMPLICIT_UNICODE registry value is YES. We are currently making changes in our next (5.0) release to handle those environments. Can you please confirm that your environment has DB2_IMPLICIT_UNICODE=YES.


good question we are using SAP so a quick google suggest that could be the case… is there any way i could check, i don’t quite know how to ask that question on google

I believe DB2_IMPLICIT_UNICODE=YES is a pre-req for SAP environments.
You can also view the DB2 Registry values in Toad DB2 - (see attached) or on the DB2 server issue the 'db2set' command.

of course “Database” is missing from my dropdown… insert fail music here

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This is not necessarily a failure - but could be restricted by the license you are using.
I was assuming you were using a DBA Edition license - but that might not be the case.
Please send in screen shots of your Help | About Dialog and your Help | Licensing dialog. That way we can see what version and license you are using.
You can send those to me directly if you wish to take this off-line at: