"Next/Previous Navigator Node" keyboard navigation do not work

The keys Ctrl/PgDown and Ctrl/PgUp ( next and previous navigator node) do not work in the editor when editing plsql package. When you click any of them, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the text.
When I edit the procedure, the keys work correctly and go through the internal routines.
This bug first appeared in 14.1 and still doesn't work as expected.

Is it possible to fix it with the settings?

Ctl-Pgp/Dn seems to work ok for the package spec, but not the body, so just confirming for Quest Dev to take note....

I tried resetting the shortcut keys, or assigning them to a different sequence, but not helping...

This sounds familiar. I think it is fixed in beta.

I just checked. It is fixed in beta.

Thank you, John and team!