No client mode error: RA-03137: malformed TTC packet from client rejected: [3146] [2] [] [] [] [] [] []


create table test
  id integer,
  request clob

insert into test(id, request)
      select level, '{}'
        from dual
  connect by level <= 100;

After describe the table. Set filter:

1 = 1
--and (json_value(request, '$.customer_email') like '' or json_value(request, '$.customer_email') like '')

Go to datagrid and click "Refresh data"

After that session will be dropped by database

Spool SQL:

Thanks for the details. I can reproduce this and will investigate.

The case can be simplified to this:

  1. Run this in the Editor with F9
select *
from dual
-- @


select *
from dual
where '@' = '@'

(Refresh button isn't enabled at this point which is another unrelated bug, but if you click next/previous buttons above the grid, Refresh becomes enabled)

  1. Click the refresh button
  2. Error

The '@' character seems to be the culprit. There is no error if the @ character is used to indicate a DB Link, however.

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This will be fixed in version 17.1

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