No valid Oracle clients found. You need at least one 32-bit client properly configured

I have a working 32-bit Oracle client installed on a Windows server and a Toad 32-bit client installed on the same machine. When I open the Toad client, I get this error message:

No valid Oracle clients found. You need at least one 32-bit client properly configured.

Despite this error message, I do have a working 32-bit Oracle client, meaning Sqlplus is working correctly, SQL Developer is working correctly, etc.
Is there a way to explicitly tell the Toad client where the Oracle client is located?
Anything else I need to check?


It should “just work”. Is the folder with OCI.DLL in your system path? If not, add it.

Oracle client bin directory is first directory listed in PATH so that should be OK.
Is there anything in the registry to check?
Is it a problem that the Oracle client is installed on D drive and Toad client is on C drive?

You shouldn’t have to edit the registry. Oracle does that when you install it. C/D should be OK too. As long as your user can access both locations. Does it help if you run as admin?

What are your Toad and Oracle client versions?

Running as admin.
Oracle is 32-bit.
Toad is Toad for Oracle Professional 32-bit

Not really sure what to suggest besides the obvious:

  1. make sure your oracle client is 32 bit. Easiest way is to start sql*plus, then go to task manager. Find it on the Processes tab. If it has a *32 after it, it’s 32 bit. Otherwise, 64 bit.

  2. If that checks out, re-download (as a sanity check) and reinstall the oracle client.

You can have multiple clients installed. Toad will let you choose which one to use (only the matching bit ones will be a choice)

I’m absolutely positive both are 32-bit.
We’re going to uninstall everything and reinstall and see what happens.
Thanks for the input!

If you still have problems, send me the download link that you are using (sometimes they have clients bundled with other stuff) and I’ll give it a try too.

I deinstalled everything, cleaned the registry and the path, rebooted, reinstalled Oracle with admin privs, tested Sqlplus and SQL Developer successfully. Tried to install Toad with admin privs and got this:

The install file I used was downloaded on the machine by someone else:

Does it matter which type of Oracle client is used, i.e., Admin, Runtime, Custom, etc.?

I tried installing the Oracle 11g 32-bit client and Toad had no problem with that.

I always go with admin, but I don’t think it matters as far as connectivity with Toad.

I meant the download link for the Oracle client, but I don’t need it if you are happy now.

I use the 32 bit Oracle client. so I’m not sure why it didn’t work for you. weird.