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'Not Responding' Freezes Session

I know other folks have encountered this error where the screen freezes and turns gray and the message 'Not Responding' appears at the top of the window. It doesn't matter what kind of query I am running, large or small. I am on Toad For Oracle version and this is happening regularly now - at least once a day. It is at the point where I am seriously losing time trying to recreate queries from all the tabs that are open when this happens. First, any suggestions as to how to stop this from occurring? Second, I know this is a silly question, but is all of my work dead in the water when this happens or is there any way to retrieve it? The obvious answer is to save often, but sometimes in the heat of coding I forget.

14.0 had some problems in this area. These were fixed in 14.1. Get it here.

In 14.0, one of the causes of the hangs is using the spacebar to replace selected text. Use the delete key instead.

Code insight in 14.0 was another source of hanging. If that is happening for you, uncheck this option:

But, really, your best bet is to get off of 14.0 and use 14.1 instead, and then also get the 14.2 beta if your company allows it. There are lots of things fixed in 14.1 and more in the beta. And relatively few new features. We've really been trying to focus on bug fixes lately. You can get the 14.2 beta here (after you install 14.1). You can see the change log for 14.1 and 14.2 here.

Thanks! I will install 14.1 and see if it resolves the error. I will also ask to see if we can install the 14.2 beta.

And, BTW, in case weirdness happens again, there is a good chance that your script logic or query that you were attempting to run is saved in the historical SQL recall list. :slight_smile:

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