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NULL Row Created Using Import Data

I Import data from an Excel (.xlsx) workbook into existing table always produces a null row if I don't define a last row (defaults to blank or some large random number). If I define the last row equal to rows in Excel or smaller, works fine (no null row produced). This occurs with a header row in Excel or not.

Am I missing a parameter setting in "Specify Source Data Detail" section?

I am using the Toad for Oracle 13.2.x.x. Prior release(s) act the same way.

Thank you.

John B.

There is a "last row" property in Excel files that we use to determine the last row. It's possible that the last row has all nulls.

Open your file with excel. Do a CTRL+END to go to the last row. Does it stop on the last row with data or a row with nulls?

John, you are correct. The SHIFT+CTRL+DOWN ARROW show only the rows populated with data, which I was using. The CTRL+END does show me a null row at the end. I was using InfoAssist (WebFocus) web application to extract and download into Excel. This app must be added a NULL row.

Thanks for pointing that out to me. The data is the culprit. I should have exhausted all possibilities of bad data before posting.

John B.

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