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Object search annoyance


Hi everyone,

Since Version 5.7 the behavior of the object search changed. I remember that the search term was searched INSIDE the object name before with implicit %s around the term. Now I have to type % on the left and right hand side of the search term in order to find the objects that contain the term. I don’t get the idea behind it at all! When I search for a term, I search it because don’t want to remember the whole name. What is the point of searching when I have to type the whole name? This is as if you would search toast bread in google with toast bread. Please give me a logical example in which you wouldn’t use % around the search term in object search.

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I just installed 6.0 beta and I’m dissappointed that this behavior has not changed. Am I the only one here that thinks this behavior should be changed??



Could you share with me your example of using term searching?
I checked it on my side (TSS 6.0) and actually it works fine.
Also I find that this filter works in TSS 6.0 the same as in TSS 5.7.

Please explain your issue.

regards, Julia.