Object Viewer tab order

The Object Viewer always defaults to the Columns display, which is already displayed in the Object Explorer. How do I change this so it defaults to the Data. I could make this happen if I could change the default order of the tabs.

Edit: Ignore this reply (I thought he was talking about Toad for Oracle, not TDP)

I believe you are talking about the Schema Browser (we don't have a window called "Object Viewer"). I am only pointing this out for clarity.

On the right-hand side where all the tabs are, right-click and choose "Configure". In the dialog that appears, move the "Data" tab to the top. Then close the dialog (you may have to close and re-open the Schema Browser), and after that the Data tab will be first.

1st, I'm a new TDP user.
2nd, How do I know it's a Schema Viewer? (I included a picture of what I see for clarification).
3rd, I don't see a Customize option. I see Scroll arrows. I have Add or Remove Buttons.

Please send picture so we know we are on the same "page" (so to speak). Maybe you could take a screen shot and highlight the place I am supposed to click to change the tab order.


Oh, I see. You are using Toad Data Point. This is the Toad for Oracle forum. They are totally separate products.

Click the pencil icon next to your thread title. Then you can change to the TDP forum and hopefully get a better answer than the one I gave you. :smiley:

Thanks! I am SO CONFUSED!

Changing the tab order in TDP is already supported.