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OLD versions of Toad (i.e. pre 10.x)

Since we’ve had quite a few questions recently from people using OLD
versions of Toad I thought I’d send a picture to show just what that
means. This picture represents a Toad 8.6 user hanging on to hugely misguided
hopes that seven year old software will work today as well as the current
version and with databases versions that were not available at that time. This
user is probably still running Windows/Office 95 and an anti-virus program that
is out of subscription and thus gets no virus definition updates. Good luck.
Data is your company’s most valuable asset – it deserves the cost of
staying current on your maintenance. If you think the job market is that good
then by all means keeping on trying J


But my works just fine… (as he feverishly updates to…

And, I’m sorry, but I still like Office 2003 far better than 2010… and that’s
not a joke.

But my spiffy anti-virus is up to date.

Nice picture (btw)…

Steve, I have you beat! I still have office 2000 on my laptop!

Sorry John,

Steve, I have you beat! I still have office 2000 on my laptop!
Office 97 here!

Norm. [TeamT]

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The only way I finally upgraded to Office 2010 was to find a free add-on that
gives me the old menus in addition to the new ribbon style interface because I
cannot find thing is the ribbons since I know the menus so well. Without this
add-in I’d be right there with you on 2003 being my fav J

Read here for add-n:


The only thing I like about 2010 is the ability to see the effects on your
selected text as you switch your different styles/fonts/etc

I hope people upgrade their Toad b/c they want the new features and support for
newer OS/RDMBS platforms, not b/c we ‘hate’ old software.

People have to understand the nature of this product, and most don’t. Because of
its popularity and user base size it’s perceived as similar to other huge
software products which come from an ivory tower once or twice a year, written
by a massive, process-driven team.

The opposite is true. This could be intuited if you examine our strengths, such
as extremely high responsiveness and beta releases twice a week. With strengths
come weaknesses. The best way for users to protect themselves against our
weaknesses is to play to our strengths.

In short - stay as current as possible.

This is a problem for some of our very large customers. It’s expensive for them
to roll out new versions. They need to understand the risks of not using
maintenance to stay current. With this product, maintenance is vital, especially
since it’s a database tool. I was asked by upper management recently, “what can
be done to let our customers know how important maintenance is?” We’re a small,
fast, nimble team. Understand what you’re getting. You can’t have the warm
feelings of monolithic security you’d get with a product from Microsoft or
Oracle and at the same time have one of your reported bugs fixed minutes after
you log it and available in a beta the same day, sometimes built just for you.
You can’t have both because we can’t do both. Our customer facing messaging has
to reflect this honesty.

I understand that.

Projects get prioritized by perceived need. I’ve wanted to upgrade our TOAD
since but other stuff trumped it.

Our Windows 7 conversion has trumped the other stuff (it’s a huge hammer) and
we’re in the process of installing the latest version. In the past I had to do
most of the work to set things up. The process has changed and now my
involvement with it is minimal… just testing it.

Our corporation is very process-driven (and proud of it, or so I am told).

No Beta Software allowed on our PCs.


Projects get prioritized by perceived need. I’ve wanted to upgrade our
TOAD since but other stuff trumped it.

As long as my power stays on, have at it, Steve! :wink:

Rich – [TeamT]

Disclaimer: My power is very stable, but I really need to get a
battery-powered sump pump, Just In Case

PS - Toad 9.7 is not certified for Windows 7 – neither is Oracle pre-11gR2
I believe – including the client (SQL Net) J

Yep, I was aware of that. I personally always like to go to the latest stable
release. One of the items I lobbied for with our DBAs w/r/t Windows 7 rollout
was an update of the Oracle client. They were not up to snuff and one of the
Toad enhancements since was a “DB Version to Client Version” check…
made the upgrade a bit more problematic on the old boxes.

on Win64 boxes: best to ugprade TOAD to 9.7 to
1)write to Application Data Folder and
2)run as Administrator

(thoughtfully copied from brad’s earlier post…thanks brad!)

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