Open files in specific order

I often have one bigger sql file which is composed from many smaller files. So code is separated in each own (sub)file for easier maintaining I later compose manually.
I would like to know if exist any option so I can open e.g 5+ files at once in specific order like I want to have them ordered on the tab? If I use Ctrl when selecting files or w/o this using just click on 1st and last one, files are opened in the same order (sorted by name). So then I always have to manually drag them on correct position.


Sorry, there's no option to control the order they are opened - dragging them to rearrange tabs once they are already open is the best way to to that.

If you find yourself going to the same 5 files often, maybe saving them as a workspace would be helpful . That would preserve the order, but a workspace saves/restores all opens connections and windows. So it saves/restores a lot more than what's in the Editor.

No, I open this inside one workspace many times a day. that would be pracical, i.e. would be too many ws's. I would like to see this functionality in some future versions.