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Open Published Workbook option from Toad Data point Viewer gives Value cannot be null error

I created a Workbook linked to data on TIC with Toad Datapoint Viewer, I published this workbook on TIC. Now I want to open that workbook from TIC but I get the error message: "Value cannot be null" an another illegible message below it (see attachment). Goin to TIC with a browser does allow me to download and open the workbook. The workbook and the selected datasources do not have parameters or variables.

Let me have someone look into this.

I had our QA test this and they did not find any issue. There must be done data driven issue going on. Can you try publishing a new workbook and access it to see if this occurs on all published workbooks or just the one.

Thanks. The problem here was that I couldn’t even select a workbook to open; I can select a server but the error blocked me from even seeing the folder structure on TIC.

I do remember that one of the alst workbooks I published used a view (on TIC) with parameters as datasource. I remember that Viewer did not ask for parameters when I used that view as datasource (the dataset that was returned was as if the parameter lines were not part of the SQL statement). I thought that strange at the moment. Is it known how Views with parameters should function when used as a datasource in Viewer?

I see. We did not add support of Views with parameters in the Toad Data Point Viewer. i will discuss this with out Product Manager. We have not been putting a lot of enhancements or bug fixes into this application