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TDA 2.7 - Info from User File folder

I just upgraded a user from Toad 8.5.1 to TDA version 2.7. When they open TDA they are not prompted to convert any files.

I saved the “User File Folder”. How do we get TDA to pick up the old connections, customizations, etc?

If your version of Toad for Oracle is recognizable by TDA you will see the above dialog asking if you want to import the listed connections. This is the only conversion we do. You can try renaming your application data directory to trigger this again if you like. Use the Help | About link.

The files and formats from Toad for Oracle have changed over the years so we only support the later versions. I don’t know if Toad 8.5.1 is one of the supported versions or not.



I did address the issue properly last time. What we are trying to do is to open the saved SQL’s. I was able to get the connections but the SQL’s do not show up.

I have a SavedSQLs.xml file but how do we use it within TDA?

I am not familiar with this file from Toad for Oracle. Can you attach a sample? I will investigate.

TOAD 8.6

user files are located

C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\User Files\SAVEDSQL.xml

Copy file to here

C:\Documents and Settings<user_name>\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\9.7\User Files\

open in TOAD 9.7, this will create

C:\Documents and Settings<user_name>\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\9.7\User Files\SAVEDSQL.dat

Copy file to TOAD 10.6

C:\Documents and Settings<user_name>\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\10.6\User Files\SAVEDSQL.dat

This folder structure does not exist if you are only installing TDA.

Here you go. It is one of the files they told us to copy when upgrading. It works ok if I am installing the suite because the folder structure is the same.
For example:
These are the instructions we were given

Debbie, I believe this file is the one that stores the Named, Personal, and Historical sql statements in Toad for Oracle. It’s very similar functionality to the SQL Recall in TDA.

I see. We do not currently import these SQL files. It would still be helpful to get a sample. With that I could enter an enhancement CR.