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Opening saved automation script - opens with a blank script

I recently started having this problem - I open an existing automation script to edit it, and it opens as if it were a brand new blank script. I close and open a few times, restart TDP 3.7, open, close, and open again and finally it opens the script correctly. Has anyone else experienced this?

Can you please attach the script if possible? Does it happen to all of your automation script or a particular one? Did it error when you saved this script? Any other information is useful.

The only thing that is remotely familiar is caused by moving activities above the script activity (gear). The gear activity needs to be at the top. Send us an example of one of these scripts and if this is the case we can manually fix and then send back to you. At least this way you would know the work around and what is causing it. (But need to confirm first)

It was happening every time I opened a script yesterday, but today it is not happening. All of the scripts were created at least 6 months ago and don’t have any activities above the gear. I want to see if I can cause this to happen again. It must not be the scripts, but something else causing this. Let me see if I can figure it out. How can I attach a script to this thread? Is there a way?

If you choose to respond using the Rich text edit you can then select the Options tab and find the add attachments link. Here is screen shot.

add file.png

I recently changed TDP 3.7 back to Run as Administrator and have not been having this problem anymore.

Wierd[:)] thanks for info. I will keep this in mind.