Option to disable Windows taskbar animation?

I want to turn off the animation that displays over the Toad Data Point icon in the Windows taskbar while queries run. Example of the end of the animation below. Is this an option?

Tools > Options > 'Show taskbar notification' is turned off. I didn't see any other taskbar-related options.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 093433

Maybe you meant to post a gif, so we can see the action? However, appears to be only a fuzzy pic at best.

Sounds like you are talking about the spanning effect on the TDP's taskbar icon when a query or other activity is running? If so, can I ask your motivation for turning it off? I don't think there is an option in TDP to control this, so just wondering if the use case has a priority high enough for the Quest dev team to consider for a future release.

Otherwise, the Options setting "Show Taskbar Notification" refers to a quick pop up notifier on the task bar when activity or background tasks are complete, as in snap below... I think you're referring the the formerly described icon action, and not this one...



Thanks for the response! GIF below.

RE: can I ask your motivation for turning it off?
Personal preference: I find it distracting.


Fair enough... and my task bar icon behaves a little differently (I'm on Win 10).
To be honest, likely a low priority, but we can get the request documented.

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