Toad taskbar icon jump at the end?

I have one more Q bugging me for a long time. Let me explain first so it will be easy to reproduce behaviour on your own:
I have set in my Win10 taskbar settings to not group icons in Windows taskbar using Never Combine taskbar buttons. I also use small icons (Use small taskbar buttons) so I can see more icons there. I like to visually group icons to my work projects. For example first four icons present my 1st Oracle project (2 blue window browser and 2 red Toad instances). then I have some utility apps and then another Oracle project which also consist from 4 icons, like you can see from the below drawing.
I'm also using utility app "7+ Taskbar tweaker" which allow me to ungroup icons of the same app (like Browser, Toad, etc) using Grouping > Don't Group.

So my problem is this: When I start working I arrange all my icons and all stay and the same position except Toad! And I found out that Toad icons change it's position when I for example in Toad switch from Editor tab to for e.g. Schema Browser or any other tab. At that time look like some event fire and move this instance of Toad at the and of my taskbar and refresh it. And when I next time want to click on the icon TOAD2 its not on that place anymore, but at the end. On it's position is now yellow app icon. This is very annoying and I have to drag that "run away" app back to it's correct position. I think this is some kind of bug in Toad because only this icons move not any other opened apps.
Can you please explore this behaviour or tell me how to prevent that inside Toad app?

Do you have a color scheme enabled in Toad?

One of the difficulties that presented was that window switching slowed down when you do certain things, like switching windows. At some point I discovered that if I did a "LockDrawing" command before switching windows, it really helped, but if Task Bar Captions are enabled, it caused a blink, so I couldn't do it in that case. So I wonder if your TaskBarTweaker program causes some other circumstance which causes the blink, which in turn causes the icon moving.

Actually I think this whole "LockDrawing" business happens even if you don't have a color theme enabled.

Try setting "Combine Taskbar Buttons" to "Always, hide labels" and see if that solves it. If so, set it back to "Never", then see if there is something you can do with 7+ Taskbar tweaker to prevent it. If you can isolate it, maybe I can detect the setting somewhere and prevent it my next reply.

Oh, actually:

You should be able to prevent Toad from calling LockDrawing like this:

  1. Shut down Toad
  2. edit Toad.ini with notepad
  3. Add this line under [SETTINGS]
  4. Save Toad.ini and restart Toad.

Sometimes I leave back doors for things. Luckily I did this time.

John, thank you very much for the latest tip. You make my day. You found needle in the hay. :slight_smile:
I don't use Color Schemes. I just add proposed setting in Toad.ini and suddenly work out of the box. I hope that this won't have some other side effects I didn't notice yet.
Now look like again If set my working desk it stay clean even if I go away for few minutes and come back and nobody mess it.

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