ora-06413 connection not open error with Toad

ora-06413 connection not open error with Toad while connecting to Oracle XE


I’ve installed Oracle XE and Toad on Windows Vista. I am able to connect to database from the command line interface provided by Oracle. But when connecting from TOAD i am getting ora-06413 connection not open error.

Refer to my tnsnames.ora file attached.

Please help me resolve this problem.

tnsnames.ora (624 Bytes)

Is polani-PC defined in your Windows hosts file ?


Thanks for the quick response!

I tried adding it to hosts file, but no luck :frowning:


You might try making that hosts entry read
polani-PC localhost

I’ve added host name to hosts file as you suggested. But that didn’t resolve my problem. Any other suggestions?

Finaylly, I had to install TOAD for Oracle base edition to come out of this problem.