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ORA-06508 comes and goes with each restart of Toad


This looks like a nasty one: I have modified a package (compiled a dozen times or so). This is done on my development PC.

In another instance of Toad, on a different machine (my test-PC), I execute a different package that calls various procedures in the package I hjave just been changing.

After the first few compiles, there are no issuse (other than my own bugs) and tests run as expected.

Then, it seems, a threshold has been exceeded and I start receiving ORA-06508 errors on my etst machine.

When I recycle Toad on my test-machine, the issue disappears and a normal test-run is possible.

However, as soon as I change the underlying package on my development machine, the test-machine’s Toad will complain about ORA-06508 again, until it is recycled.

I’m surprised that Toad should suffer from Oracle internal issues, yet the fact that recycling Toad (temporarily) alleviates the problem hints that it might be Toad issue, rather than an Oracle issue.

Any idea how we can figure out what exaqctly causes the symptoms and what we can do about it?

This is happening on Toad beta (development) and (test machine)

The Oracle instance is on Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

I’ve had the issue before, and from experience I know that the problem will probably not reproduce tomorrow.

The issue does occur sometimes, and Always after compiling a package many times with many (small) changes.

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelils

HI Abe,

Not knowing off the top of my head what ORA-06508 means, I googled and came across this:…/ora-06508-pl-sql-could-not-find-program-unit-being-called

Does that describe your situation?


I’m sorry, I shuold have included that information. And yes, it does describe my situation pretty well.


Read the answer with 11 votes. Seems to explain the situation pretty well. I think when you start a new session of Toad, it just resets your package state and everything is fine for a while.


thanks. The package is indeed stateful.
I now understand what causes the issue.

Which means I have adjusted my expectations of the side effects of recompilation.
Of course, I will monitor behavior for deviations from what I now expect.

So I learned something new :slight_smile:

Thansk again,