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Partial Copy User Settings - idea


Good Afternoon TOAD team,

 I use TOAD copy user setting, on the Utility Menu, to keep the TOAD on my various workstation in sync and it occurred to me that copying my setting would be useful for others on my team, if it did now wipe their remembered connections; as is, they get all my connections sans passwords.  Is there a way to import my settings and restore (maybe not wipe) there remembered connections?



Hi Larry,

There’s no way to do a sort of merge with connections while overriding the rest of the settings in a single action. You are able to import / export connections from the Login window though.

  1. Export their connections from the Login window.
  2. Copy your settings from the Utilities menu.
  3. Import their connections back into the Login window.

This would give them both their existing connections and any that were brought over from the copying of the user settings.


Thank you Mike!

That is excellent.