Please drop the new schema compare and go back to the oracle 11 version

I don't find the new schema compare to be an improvement. for several reasons:

You can only compare once. After going through all the steps where you choose what to compare you arrive at the screen where you can klick compare, but having done so you cannot compare again without starting fra scratch. In the old program you could compare, make changes and then click compare again without having to choose everything again. This is a MAJOR step backwards in useability.

When compare shows differences between PLSQL code double clicking on a item opened a new file single object compare window full screen in the old version. In the new you get about 10 lines of code at a time in a tiny window at the bottom of the screen. (which is very hard to resize). This is not an improvement either.

The text that is shown in the differences window cannot be copy/pasted to a text editor which is now even more necessary as the window is so small


All in all, The new schema compare has to my min no new features that I can find, and is a failure. Please drop it and go back to the one that could be used.

I realize that this is a late reply, but please try the Schema Compare in the latest version (13.0 or 13.1). We have gotten all the kinks out and the 13.1 version has the best of both new and old, plus it is threaded…so long comparisons won’t tie up Toad.