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Good day to you,

I was hoping to use a good tool in toad and to check some things here.

Now it’s very disappointing to see how people get lynched on these forums, apparently also by people on ‘the team of toad’, just for telling the truth.

Always nice to just assume things and try to be popular by bashing someone… and just to state they are stupid - fortunately I know what that usually is a reflection of.

I just registered, posted and yes, my wording might be strong, but hey, this isn’t freeware, period.

I’ve done everything as stated, several times, and the thing simply keeps being expired.

Now since I’m apparently too stupid for anything, by reading the posts of your team members, I guess I best do a smart thing and get me a better tool than toad.

If toad had a reasonably priced version, a ‘light’ or whatever, I wouldn’t mind paying some money for it… but I’m not working for a multinational or a big corporation, and no, I’m not a database developer either. I do know my way around computers though, and apparently I do know my way around people a whole lot better than some of those on your forums just bashing for the fun of it.

I almost deleted my account, but that would be too easy for them to bash some more, so I’ll keep it. Let them bring it on. Although on thte other hand, I AM an adult, which I do wonder about for some of the other accounts responding here… Too bad that a program that in itself seems ok, gets made this unpopular by simply not working as it should.