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Printing Exception w


First usage of after upgrade from .14.

Changed the page settings to Legal and Landscape. Chose “Preview”. Chose “Print” and our network’s color print (HP Laser Color 4600), and OK’d the dialog. “Floating Point Divide by Zero” exception occurred. Collected the diagnostics to the clipboard - edited to privatize data - attached file.

Closed down and restarted TDM. Print this time actually performed its task, but rendered the workspace as BLACK where any window overlaid it prior to completion of the print dialog.

Known Bug or NEW? Workaround? Suggestions?
TDM Print Zero Divide Excp 20091214.txt (72.2 KB)



Print resolution (Number of pixels per logical inch along the screen width.) returns 0, which is impossible.

Could you please try another printer? Virtual printer can be as well (e.g. PDF Redirect). What is the result?
If you change parameters for print (e.g. landscape etc.), does it affect the printed result?

You write you use HP Laser Color 4600 but Eurekalog says hp LaserJet 1012 is the default printer.
Do you have the appropriate driver?

Thanks for the information.


Vladka + TDM Team