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Problem with describe window on view columns



I don’t know what really happened, but I can’t see the column list when I describe (via F4 ) a view. Even if I try to drag down or up the comment separator.

Is there a way to reset this view to make the column list reappear?
For the column list of table describing, it works perfectly.

My version is



Can you send a screenshot of what it looks like? Can you see a splitter control?



I attached a screenshot, we can see the splitter control, I can select him, but he doesn’t want to scroll when I move the mouse…


I think what happened is that the last time you had the window open, it was very
large. Now it is smaller and the comment area has taken over. Try making the
describe view window large again, then adjusting the comments area so it is
smaller. If that doesn’t work, close Toad, open Toad.ini, and find the
line with ‘ColCommentsHeight’. Then delete it. I believe this
problem of the comments section taking over has been fixed in Toad 10.6.


it works! I’ve deleted the line.