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Problem with National special characters in checkin notes - Team Coding+TFS


The environment we set up at a client's site a year ago includes versioning Oracle DBs using Toad, Team Coding and TFS2010. They are using MSSCCI provider and Toad 10.6.

Recently we discovered a very strange problem when using Croatian special characters in checkin notes.
Repro steps:

  1. The user uses special characters in the Team Coding checkin dialog
  2. The checkin action is successful
  3. The changeset is viewed in Visual Studio.
    Error: Croatian characters are not displayed properly in the comment.
    When the same comment is viewed in Team Coding, the characters are displayed properly - see attached picture.

The installation was done by the book and no special settings in terms of encoding were set (at last we are not aware of setting any).

Does anybody have an idea where to start looking for the problem?
Encoding in Toad /Oracle /Team Coding?
Encoding in TFS?
Regional settings?

Thank you very much in advance,
Cheers, Ana

Hi everybody,
I posted this problem on the MSDN forums:

We concluded that Team Coding (as host) sends to the MSSCCI provider the comment strings with wrong encoding, probably UTF-8, while TFS expects UTF-16 strings.

Could anybody please take a look at this problem and post some further information about the possible resolution.
Thanks, Ana