General Encoding in Toad Options

I have an issue with Arabic characters in my scripts where Toad convert them to question marks in all Toad tasks, for example, saving the editor script into a file, but not only the editor but also Team Coding, where Team Coding is checking-in the code into the SVN with question marks too, where I found some solutions online to set encoding upon saving a file but there is no configuration for Team Coding for example, so am looking for a general setting to set the characters encoding for all Toad modules.

Is this set to UTF-8?

It worked, even for Team Coding, Many thanks.

I found a similar case in Team Coding and specifically in "Compare Files" window, where the Arabic characters are displayed as question marks only for local version while the SVN version display is fine, the issue here is about display only not the content itself as the content is fine and untouched, mean the "Compare Files" windows itself should be configured by default to use UTF8 while it seems it is hardcoded to use may be ANSI encoding, here is a screenshot for further clarification:


HI Fadi,

I'm glad the encoding option helped.

About the Compare Files window - where did the content on the left side get loaded from? Local disk file, database, etc? If a file - does the same file look ok if you open it in the editor?

There are a few ways to get that window to open so I am wondering how you got there. If you could let me know where you clicked that might help.


Here is what I did:
1- I altered the procedure and executed it so that the DB version and the SVN version will be different.
2- Using Team Coding Manager window, I did a right click on the procedure and selected "Compare Contents"
3- The window which I shared a screenshot for in my previous port has appeared.
4- Am using Toad 13.3

Ok, so I guess the left side is the DB version?

if you just look at the procedure in the Schema Browser, are the ???? characters there also? If so, I think you just need to correct it in the database. Maybe it got messed up before you changed Toad's encoding option to UTF8

I am attaching a screenshot with more details:

thanks for the details. I've logged this in our bug tracking system and will get to it soon.

Many thanks John.

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You're welcome. I have it fixed for next beta. The bug is just that the text we send to the file-compare dialog is not unicode, encoded. So it's really a display-only problem (safe to ignore) as long as you don't do anything with the compare files output.