Toad for Oracle 10 - TFS MSSCCI source control provider issues

Ever since upgrading from 9 to 10, several of are experiencing issues with checking in changes to TFS via the MSSCCI source control provider. What I’m seeing is that the local file gets modified with the change and checked into source control, but the the database reverts to the version as it was before the checkout, overwriting the change. Refreshing the Toad UI or doing a get latest in Toad has no effect. Opening the object does not prompt whether to open DB or VCS version either.

Ideas? Please help!

Support dump is below.

As an update to the below, if i first close down the editor and then do a checkin all, it appeared to keep the correct version in the database. Appears more of a Toad bug then a MSSCCI provider problem

You’re correct. This is a bug, which will be fixed in the upcoming
patch. When objects are checked-out via Team Coding, their underlying files
(by default) retain a read-only attribute. Toad wasn’t correctly
updating this attribute, so the files weren’t be updated with the latest
version from the version control provider. Since you had the “Update
Database After Check-In” selected in your Team Coding settings, it was
automatically updating the database from the previously checked-out version.

To get around this for now, unselect the “Update Database After
Check-in” in your Team Coding settings. This will prevent Team Coding
from automatically updating your database with any incorrect version.
You’ll just have to update it manually by executing the script. Also,
when you check out an object from the version control provider, you may need to
run a batch script to set all files to read-write manually using DOS’s
“Attrib” command. Finally, if you’re prompted to reload the
object from the database, I’d recommend selecting “No”. This
should keep you from receiving the message “The version in the database
appears to be different than the one in version control”. The next time
you open an object (if you have automatic check-out enabled) or manually
check-out an object, it should overwrite your local copy with the updated

I know it’s a bit of a manual process right now, but this issue should be
fixed in the next patch, as well as the next beta – whichever is released