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Project Manager Sorting and Folders Collapsing


Does anyone know if it’s possible to sort files and projects in alpha order?

Also, when ever you add a new file to a project all sub-folders/projects are collapsed, is there any way to stop this behaviour?

Many thanks



Hi Karl,
unfortunatelly you can’t sort Project Manager content in current implementation. If it’s important feature for you - I can create Enchancement Request.

For about collapsing sub-folders/project- could you please share more information? I can’t reproduce this on my side. What TSS version do you use?

Thanks in advance.


Many thanks Alex if you could add this as an Enhancement Request that would be great.

I’ll add some screen shots as soon as i can for the other issues

Thanks in advance



Hi Alex

Version is Professional Edition.

Screen shot attached.
ToadScreenShot.docx (361 KB)


Hi Alex

Just to add this follows the default behaviour of opening a project, in that all sub folders are collapsed automatically which is really really annoying if you have multiple files added to each folder.

Thanks in advance



Hi Karl,
thank you for your details regarding this issue. I’ve created CR78966 for this. Hope it will be adressed in 5.5 or the next minor release…

Also CR78965 was created in regards of your sorting request.

Thanks again for you help. Waiting any other feadback from you.


Many thanks for the update Alex, what’s the time frame on updates are they six monthly/annually?


We are trying to release more often then half a year, but Toad is huge product :slight_smile: If you see TSS history we have new release mostly annually.
Wait next release in the middle of the next year, I think.