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Project Manager icons


I am using the latest Toad Xpert edition,, for SQL Server.

In the Project Manager, the file icons show incorrectly and the file names are grayed out. How can this be remedied?



Hi Doug

I’m pretty sure this is down to the files not being found in the location specified with the Project.

You’ll have to manually remove the files and add them back in from the new locations


Hi Doug

My apologies i thought this was connected to the file being removed from the project but alas i have the same issue as you

I’ve removed some files from a project, re-added them back in via Add -> Existing File and the same icon as yours is being displayed.

This one will need to be looked into by the support team


This is interesting. I’m looking into and get back with more details.


The other problem that i’ve found is now the icons have lost their default icon, if you have the end of the pane obscured it’s really difficult to tell what the file is if you have different types in the projects, xls, doc etc as the file extension is not shown


This is small bug in Project Manager - now it should be OK in next beta drop - please check it again once this beta out.


Many thanks Valentine, look forward to it :slight_smile:


Mine Project Manager looks like this:


I’m glad to say i’ve installed the Beta for v5.8 and the Project Manager icons all appear as expected.

Happy days :slight_smile:


I installed the official release, ver, and it fixed the problem.
I really like this Project Manager over the SSMS Solution Explorer and glad the bug was fixed.