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Project Manager - Default View


Small Niggle:

When you’ve added a folder into a Project and you open it up the default view is Icons is there any way to amend the default view to Details and for this to stick.

Thanks in advance




I’m sorry, can you please specify what kind of details you would like to see there? Thanks in advance.


Hi Valentine

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots which hopefully help:

When you open a folder via Project Manager the default view is Medium Icons which makes it difficult to read file names (first pic), so i always change the view to Details which makes it easier to read filenames etc (second pic)

Let me know if you need any more info

ProjectManagerViews_Screenshot.docx (688 KB)


Hi Karl,

Thanks for the screenshots. I’ve created CR83476 for your request.

What is more here – I’m not not sure about default view, but Toad
doesn’t remember your preference. Looks weird.


Alexander Maximov


Many thanks Alexander, my thoughts exactly, Toad doesn’t seem to hang on to my settings plus there is no way to set it as a default


Hi Karl,
Unfortunately I have this update from dev on your request:
“We show the folder as a COM object embedded in the web browser. There is no interface to specify or in any way affect how the folder is displayed so we can’t do this.”


It looks like there have been some postings to the wrong threads above


it is sync error, Sorry.