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Query Builder....dragging tables from multiple Connections

How do I drag and drop tables from two different data connections to the Query Diagram section?

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Quick answer is:
Assuming you have Toad Data Point Pro (cross-platform queries won't work in the Base edition),

  • Log into your two connections,
  • Change the mode of your Object Explorer to "Connection TreeList" (shows all sources you're connected to)
  • Launch the Query Builder,
  • Drag table from source 1 into the Query Builder,
  • Drag table from source 2 into the Query Builder.

Hope this helps.

Is Toad DataPoint 5.1 considered the Professional Version?

I am logged onto 2 different connections. I am in the Query Builder and I drag a table from source 1 and it works perfectly (little arrow with a plus sign icon). I drag a table from source 2 and it doesn’t change my icon it just stays with the circle with a diagonally black line through it.

Basically it just ignores my attempt to place the table on the diagram from source 2. Do I need to do anything differently like Ctrl Drag or something?


5.1 is the version of your Toad Data Point product. The Edition is shown in your license info. Hit the "License" button in the upper right corner of the product to bring up the Toad Licensing panel to see both the version and edition you are licensed for. The ability to create cross-connect queries is only available in the Professional Edition of TDP.

If you do have the Pro Edition, include a screen snapshot of what happens when you attempt to drag that second table in... just a simple drag of the table is needed from the Object Explorer to the Query Builder palette. Another alternative is to double-click the table from the Object Explorer into the Query Builder when the Builder is visible in your workspace.