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Query Builder not showing the "query" tab

Hi. This started a month or so ago – when I open a new Query Builder tab, I have the “Diagram” and “Results” tabs, but no “Query” tab appears. Even after I create a visual query, the tab doesn’t show up. Can someone tell me what I did to make that hidden (assuming it isn’t a bug)? Thank you!

Those tabs are dockable windows. You might have dragged the tab off of the window and not docked it.

To reset, right click on the Query Builder and find the options. There is a reset layout button at the bottom of the options.


Having same issue. The reset you’ve noted works fine to re-acquire the query tab on a blank Query Builder but it doesn’t with a saved query. This just started and I’ve tried to ‘reset’ for a number of old queries without luck. Is there another ‘master’ level reset or some View menu that might help me?


I tried to restore the layout for query builder and it works for blank query tab as well as with an existing query. You would need to right click on “Diagram” tab of QB and go to Options and say Restore default layout. What version of TDP are you using? I tried this in Toad Data Point and it worked fine. If it still does not work for you then you would have to go to the Application Data Directory ( You can navigate from About Box - Application Data Directory ) and go to “Layouts” folder and get rid of QueryBuilder.xml file and restart the application. This should reset any QB layout. I would suggest to try resting QB layout options first. Let me know if this helps.


Not sure of circumstances, but (with some further use) the query tab seems to have returned - even when opening old files. Thanks for info Golwalkar. Will keep this in mind should this issue return. Cue Twilight Zone music…