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Radius Authentication


Hi, I am using Toad for Oracle on windows with two factor authentication using Radius. The authentication is working properly but when i am using the editor and the code assist comes on after pressing .(period) I again get prompted for authentication. Since I am already authenticated I am not sure why I get prompted again. In toad options I tried unchecking "Check Syntax as you type" and unchecked "Check Rules as you type". I as still getting prompted. Any Ideas?


You need to eliminate background sessions in Toad.

Go to Options -> Oracle -> Transactions.

Uncheck “Execute queries in threads”
Check “Execute scripts in Toad session”.
“Session for Explain plan” should be set to “Main Toad Session”.

Also go to Options -> Editor -> Display. Uncheck everything under “Syntax highlighting”.


Thank you for the response. It's still prompting. If i acknowledge the first request then the second time it pulls the code assist from cache. but the first time i still have to re-authenticate.


hm, yeah it looks like code insight creates its own session. I don't see a way to prevent that.