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RBS activity tab in "Database browser" on RAC

Hi all,

It does not list the RBS activity of all the instances. Toad list only currently
connected instance’s system generated RBS only. (

i am using Toad , and verified also same problem with


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It’s working fine here. We are joining dba_rollback_segs to gv$rollstat,
and when I try it I see results from more than one instance.

Turn on spool sql and see what the query is. If we are selecting from
gv$rollstat, then we are just showing what the database gives us and there is
not a problem in Toad. If we are selecting from v$rollstat, then Toad
doesn’t think it is connected to RAC. We use
dbms_utility.is_cluster_database to determine if we are connected to RAC or not.

the sql i got from sqltracker is

SELECT s.inst_id,
r.initial_extent / 1024 / 1024 initial_extent,
r.next_extent / 1024 / 1024 next_extent,
ROUND (s.rssize / 1024 / 1024) rssize,
FROM dba_rollback_segs r, v$rollname n, gv$rollstat s
WHERE r.segment_name = AND
n.usn = s.usn

which list all sys generated rollback segs in UNDO Tablespace for the instance
you connected and listing one of each instance “SYSTEM” tablespace rbs.


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