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Re: Auto Debugger and trace don't work

Re: Auto Debugger and trace don’t work

Morning Nate,

Greg, how does that work in an LDAP environment? I don’t
have a TNSNames file on my PC (or rather, I do, but it’s
pretty old and not what Oracle uses). I’m not in an RAC
environment, but I may be soon.
Assuming the all nodes of the RAC are in LDAP as well as the overall
“top level” RAC description, if you tnsping each node you get back a
“(DESCRIPTION=(…))” line from tnsnames.

You can simply copy if (after the “attempting to contact” bit) and
paste it into your own tnsnames.ora file with a node_name= prefix and
all will be well.

It’s what I do with Oracle Names anyway when I need a tnsnames.ora entry
that can be used by a 10g or 11g client. :slight_smile:

Norm. [TeamT]

Norman Dunbar
Contract Senior Oracle DBA
Capgemini Database Build Team
Internal : 7 28 2051
External : 0113 231 2051

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