Re: ER: My favourite Schema'

Re: ER: My favourite Schema’

You can already use the filter to achieve this. Try this:

Yep, that’s what I do ;^)

WAY Kewl…

To improve on that you could set up a function that returns a dataset. You then
provide what you’d like as a variable to the function. That way you
don’t have to keep re-loading “Richard’s Favorites” each
time you want a different set. Your function parameter can control which logical
data set you’d like returned.

Roger S.

Ah – good one!

Oh yea… the legal:

I grant my authorization to use my idea in any way shape or form in any product
not limited to Oracle, MS, or the 5th Regiment of the Martian Army! You are also
granted the rights in order to modify the idea all you’d like in any shape
or form including but not limited to creating the Warp Engine!

Sorry… it’s Friday … and worse … I’m feeling


Of course this is possible, but, I’d have to maintain it myself (in case of database rebuilds) and in every environment (and new environments) and in some instances I don’t have access to create my own objects. It’s an interesting workaround though, but enhancing the User list to allow saving multiple lists which can be applied across all instances (or do we actually want them to differ!) would be easier for me…and it would mean that people wouldn’t have to devise their own methods of achieving this as people already seem to be doing.


I tried to use what John suggested. But I don’t know how to access SB filter. The one under schema selection is called Project Manager Filter. How do I make the SB filter available?


It’s the button that looks like a funnel. It should be on the toolbar
under the project manager filter. If you don’t see a toolbar there,
right-click on a table and choose “filter tables”

Found it, thanks so much!