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Recent Items Not Opening on Startup


I had been using Toad Data Point 3.4 and 3.6, and in those versions, if you had open SQL editor windows that you saved, and then exited Toad with those editors still open, when you next launched toad those editors would re-open automatically (i.e., if you have three editor tabs opened, then exited Toad, when re-opening toad, those same three editor tabs would still be there).

I recently got a new machine and installed Toad Data Point 4.2.1. This feature seems to no longer be enabled (or, and I hope this is not the case, the feature is no longer there). The featured items tab has a little box for recent documents, and likewise the file menu has recent documents, but you would have to reopen each item manually.

Is this the new normal I need to deal with, or is there a way I can configure toad so it remembers which editors I had open last session?


Hi ian.schroen

It is a bug and I created task (QAT-12878) for fix this issue.



Hi Petr,

Thanks for the feedback. How long has these bug been open?


Hi ian.schroen,

You are the first who reported this problem.

We will solve it as soon as possible.