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TOAD reconnects all sessions - how to reconnect to just one session

I want to reconnect just one session that is currently open in TOAD. But my TOAD reconnects to all sessions when I reconnect.

I often work with 8 or more different sessions on different databases at a time. I don’t want it to unnecessarily reconnect all sessions when I want to reconnect to just one of the session when it disconnects or expires.

This has been happening since version 10 or 11. In earlier versions of TOAD, the Reconnect option only use to connect the session of the current window from which I did the Reconnect. But in the new TOAD versions, hitting Reconnect brings up a table showing the sessions of all windows that I have open in TOAD and starts connecting to each one, one at a time. This is a waste of time, especially if I have so many sessions open, plus I don’t want to unnecessarily start or reconnect sessions.

How do I get it to reconnect to just one session (which was how it was in earlier versions of TOAD such as 8 and 9) ?


In older versions, you can’t - it was all or nothing. In newer versions (12.1 or 12.5, I can’t remember which off the top of my head), there is an option to just reconnect the active connection.

I just reread - it sounds like you have a fairly new version. Under the “Session” menu, do you have both “Test Connection (Reconnect)” and “Test All Connections (Reconnect)”? If so, use the first one.

I have version 11.0. There is only one item, called “Test Connections (Reconnect)”, and this reconnects all sessions.

As John pointed out you need to be in toad 12.1 or 12.5 to have that functionality. My recollection is that it’s in 12.1 - i.e. the first version that offered that. But would advise upgrading to 12.5 since that’s the current GA and has other fixes and new features. Remember that upgrades are free if you are current on support/maintenance conttract. You just go to support web site, log in and download the newer version. Also remember not to accidently or purposefully download a trial and try tyo upgrade that way - won’t work :slight_smile:

I would have to ask the team that handles the contracts/licenses in my company if they can get the latest version, and that’s going to be a “looong process” in many companies…or shall I say…bureaucracies. :slight_smile: But thanks anyway for the inputs.