Session status is wrong

I noticed the connection status on one of my sessions is wrong. It shows as disconnected even as I'm running queries in an edit window and using the schema browser.

If any session that makes up your session is disconnected, that indicator will come on.

Turn on spool SQL and try test/reconnect. If you don't have the "always disconnect/reconnect" option selected, you'll see an error during the "test" phase.

I'm not following what you are saying. The DEV-I session is not disconnected because I am actively using it in all the open windows.

Do you have any of these options set as shown? If so, your connection to the database can be comprised of multiple sessions. If Toad detects any one of them is disconnected, that indicator will come on. And if the others are still connected, you may not notice.

Or are you saying that one of your other connections became disconnected, and Toad is flagging the wrong one?

This is what I have:

None of my other sessions to other databases are disconnected. I seem to have this problem only with this database. All my other ones only show disconnected when it's actually disconnected.

Weird. And there was no "not connected" error at all? any ideas how it happened?

I agree, it's weird. No errors at all. BTW, I have the Transactions window up and refreshing every 60 seconds as well. Not sure if that's relevant.