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Reconnect often fails after resuming from standby/hibernate

I am connecting to a local VM. After resuming from Windows standby or hibernate after several hours, reconnect usually fails.

When asked to reconnect, I started another instance of TOAD instead. It was able to connect to my VM, the old connection was still there (INACTIVE).

Afterwards, I confirmed the reconnect on the old instance of TOAD, but it failed:
ORA-03135: connection lost contact
Process ID: 5059
Session ID: 13 Serial number: 7727

“Test Connection (Reconnect)” works fine afterwards.

Is this something you can fix? Thanks!

Sorry for the delay in replying, Peter. I can’t reproduce this. When I sleep/hibernate my VM and then wake it up, and I click Yes to the “PC has awakened from standby or hibernation” prompt, it reconnects fine for me.

I did recently add ORA-3135 to our list of “connection lost” messages (in the 12.10 betas). So if you are talking 12.9 or anything older - you might want to give it a try in the new beta.