Reconnect prompt displayed on wrong Virtual Desktop

I'm using Virtual Desktops of Windows 10.
I noticed with the 14.0 Beta, that the reconnect prompt is sometimes displayed at the wrong Desktop.

How I reproduced it

  • Open TOAD on second desktop
  • Switch to first desktop
  • Put Windows in Sleep mode and restart

TOAD shows the prompt on the first Desktop, while displays it over the actual TOAD window on the second desktop as expected. With all the existing z-order problems, it can be hidden behind another application or just go unnoticed.

Clicking on TOAD on the second desktop plays the sound but the reconnect dialog flashes on the first desktop and cannot be seen.

Hi Peter,

Are you referring to the prompt that says "PC has awakened from standby or hibernation...." or the dialog that shows after that, when the reconnect is actually happening (the same you'd see from Main Menu -> Session -> Test all connections)?

It sounds like you are referring to the first prompt, but I just want to make sure.


Yes, the first one (PC has awakened ...)

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Thanks, I've logged it and will have it fixed next sprint. It'll be a couple of betas.