Recover Snippet set up after upgrading to 2.5?

Upgrading caused me to lose all of my customizations but it didn’t take terribly long to reset them.

However, I also lost my snippets? Is there a way to recover them?


When you installed 2.5 you should have been asked if you wanted to copy over your prior settings. This sould have brought over all your connections, settings, and snippets. Did you happen to uninstall 2.1 first?

You probably can still recover these files. If you still have TDA 2.1 installed, start this up and open up the About box. Select the ApplicationData directory. This will take you to all of the configuration files you had for the last app. You can copy over all of them to the new ApplicationData directory or you can go into the templates directory and see all of the snippets and retrieve the ones you want.

If you uninstalled TDA 2.1, then turn on hidden files in your explorer and find this equivelent path. You will need to change your username in the path below.

C:\Documents and Settings%YourUserName%\Local Settings\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Data Analysts 2.1


See Attached.

That worked. Thank you.

I did uninstall the previous version as my recollection was installing upgrades installed a new instance and I don’t want multiple versions. My recollection may be related to beta versions I installed. I did not participate in the most recent betas.

For my colleagues, will upgrading to 2.5 overwrite 2.1 or will it install a 2nd instance?

At this point I’m going to recommend they NOT uninstall 2.1 just so they’ll keep their preferences and connections.

Thanks again.

p.s. Still surprised that you cannot drag a column_name from editor results back up to the editor to refine an existing SQL query. I know you can do it from the Db explorer.

All major and minor versions are side by side installs. X.X IE: 2.1 and 2.5 are side by side. All patches will be an upgrade. IE: X.X.X 2.5.1 will be an overwrite.

P.P.S It doesn’t ring a bell what you are talking about regarding the editor and columns. Perhaps you can refer me to an earlier positing on this that clarifies the matter. (Or if not, please start a new thread and give a little more detail)