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Restore custom toolbar settings after upgrade


How can I restore custom toolbar settings (hid some toolbars that I am not using, added commands/buttons for quick access) after upgrading to a newer version of Toad for Data Point?


Hi, You can right click on the toolbar and open up customization settings, you will find an option to reset all customization, this should reset your toolbar settings. Please see the screenshot attached, let me know if that works.Reset Customization.png


Hi, Shruti!

Thanks a lot for your response!

I actually meant the opposite of what you are suggesting. I think every time I upgrade Toad, I have to go through customization again, since the new version is installed as a separate program and all the settings are set to default. I was wondering if there is a way to save my customized settings and apply them to the newly upgraded Toad.

Please let me know if this is making sense.


I get your point, I am afraid we do not have such feature right now. I tried with our migration utility which migrates settings when we upgrade to new Toad Data Point but it does not seem to obey the toolbar customization.

did you try migrating your settings?


Thanks again for your response!

I will look into this and let you know. Was not aware of this feature.

Mnnnn…it is my understanding that all customized settings including tool bar are save in various files in the dir. When install a new version you need to choose to migrate your settings and then you should get all of your customized settings. If you move to a new pc then you would need to manually copy these files.

The files I am talking about are in the App Data Dir which is accessible through the about box. If you were to copy them over you would need to make sure TDP was not open as it will write to all the files on close.