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removing old oracle home information


I have re-installed Oracle client but the old (defunct) installation is still showing in the list for ‘Connect using…’.

Where is the information contained in this dropdown stored. There is no registry information for the old version, and I’ve used disk searches to find perhaps a file that indicates TOAD is storing this, using what should be unique values / paths.

It’s not an urgent, but I’m perplexed as to why, after a reinstall of the client, and at least two reboots, this is still showing.

We don’t store that information. There must still be remnants of it on your PC. Maybe in the registry (be sure to look under Wow6432Node for 32 bit) , maybe the folder still exists with a few files in it. Some part of it is still there. If you select it in the dropdown, and then click the ellipsis button next to it, it might help you figure out what we’re finding and what we’re not finding.

I was 95% sure TOAD was not storing iit, but since the expanse of ignorance is far greater than the my knowledge …

Your suggestion to look in the Wow6432Node was spot on! It puzzles me why a search did not uncover that - and I had expanded my search to the HKLM node.

thank you!