Repeatedly creating relationships in Workspace

Hello, I am sorry if this has been asked already, I tried searching for this question, but just couldn’t find anything.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to create relationships? I find when I am working in a Workspace I want to create relationships for several tables, but soon as I do this for one relationship the focus changes back and I have to click the relationship icon again in order to create another relationship. I would like the focus to stay on the relationship I am working with so I can quickly move from one table to the next.


you have two choices.

At first, there are keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL+R - for Identifying Relation

CTRL+L - for Non-Identifying Relation

Second choice is click on toolbar icon with SHIFT. When you click on button with shift this button will be pressed until you do right click or pres ESC, so you can insert many relationships.