I have a report containing 282 tables and the tables have between 3 and 50 columns each. I have created a HTML report and when clicking on an Entity to display associalted Attributes, it takes an extremely long time to return the appropriate page. I also tried creating a PDF report but this took too long to create (over an hour when i interrupted it.)
Is there a solution for this issue? This is for a Data Warehouse and we are expecting a a lot more tables than 282.

Thank You In Advance.


Regarding HTML, on page Select Layout, you can choose:

  • Frameless (for Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox 2 users. Reports with Frameless layout is not displayed in older browsers correctly.)
  • Frames - Top menu
  • Frames - Left menu

For large models, Frames - top menu or Frames - left menu options are recommended. (Frameless report layout is not recommended as it uses Java script that goes through all objects, which takes too much time if your model is large.)

So, please try to select another frame to see if it helps.

Regarding PDF report, PDF report is converted RTF report in fact. We use a third party component for the conversion. So, we’re not able to influence the speed of it. I’m sorry.
Note: You can also try to disable the graphical options Gradient Effect, Graphical Display of Keys etc. in the Workspace Format dialog.

I hope this info will help.


Vladka + TDM Team

Thank You very much vladka.
The Framed Report worked much better.