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Schema Browser Data grid Alphabetical sort by default

Is there a default setting in the schema browser data tab to always display the columns alphabetically and retain the order of the show/hide columns display to default to alpahbetically listed. I have to constantly resort each time I enter the data tab to find what I need.

Also each time I select which columns to display and have to look at a different table/view/tab and come back to my previously sorted and selected data tab I have to do it all over again. Very time consuming and frustrating. It always reverts back to the column ID# order. I’m using ver 12.1.

This doesn’t default to alphabetical, but it will remember when you set a table that way. Options -> Schema Browser -> Data Tab -> Save Layouts

Thanks for your reply. That retains the column order for the table.

Is it possible to default to retain an alphabetical view of the columns when in the data tab, (column heading row-left most button) with the ribbon hint ‘click here to show/hide columns’ is left clicked w/o having to right click and selecting ‘Sort Alphabetically’ each time. Then after selecting which columns wanted and wanting to retain that column selection view even after refreshing the view or viewing another table/screen and returning?

There’s no way to make that stick, sorry. There is something else that might help that maybe you didn’t notice - once that “hide/show columns” popup is visible, you can type the first few letters of the column you are looking for, then when it lands on the column you want, hit the space bar to toggle its visibility.