Reverse Engineering Advantage Database Server 10


I’ve just downloaded the trial of the Toad Data Modeler
I need to to create an ERD of an existing Advantage Database Server 10 database.

  1. Is this possible at all?
  2. How can this be done?

I’ve tried it this way, and it didn’t work:

File -> Reverse Engineering -> Select Datasource [Sybase SQL Anywhere 11] -> Select Connection via ODBC -> Enter username and password -> Select a Data Migrator [Reverse Engineering from Sybase SQL Anyhwere 11] -> Select what to reverese (selected all) -> Options (default) -> Enter alis name

Now I click on Next and I recievie the following error:


Source: CS3 - Internal error
Script: REDataMigratorDBAN
Description: [iAnywhere Solutions][Advantage SQL][ASA] Error 7200: AQE Error: State = HY000; NativeError = 7041; [iAnywhere Solutions][Advantage SQL][ASA] Error 7041: File not found. Verify the specified path and file name is correct. Table name: SYSUSER
Row: 2078
Column: 3

“REDataMigratorDBAN” from package “Object RE Database for Sybase SQL Anywhere”
“REDataMigratorDBAN” from package “Object RE Database for Sybase SQL Anywhere”


Hopfefully you can help us.

Hi Ben,

unfortunately my reply to your first question is NO, as Advantage Database Server 10 is not supported - it is not Sybase SQL Anywhere 11.


Hi Lukas,

thanks for your help.

I hoped that Toad Data Modeler supports ADS, because I found a link to the Case Studio (the antecessor of Toad Data Modeler I guess) that says the ADS Server is supported (

Was the support of ADS removed in Toad Data Modeler, or is it false information on the link I provided?


Hi again,

yes, TDM2 supported ADS versions 7 and 8, however the support is discontinued since then.