Rollback during editing of a Date column

I was editing a DATE column in SB RHS and entered only the years from the data. I just wanted to cancel my modification and pressed Rollback on standard toolbar. After that I got an Invalid Date pop-up and an Application Error AV (0419765C). The only way to suppress the AV was closing the SB.

It seems like the edit control within the grid is handling this badly. I’ll take a look at it. FYI, I think if you hit ESC right after the “invalid date” error would have gotten you out cleanly.


I executed a stored procedure right before the date modification and I realized that, so that’s why I used a Rollback.

“FYI, I think if you hit ESC…”

This is not true, if I use ESC I get an empty data grid on RHS. After that if I choose any of other table in LHS I get the AV popup. The only solution is to close the SB.